Cake And Treat Ideas For A Cherishable Kids Birthday Party 

 May 7, 2022

Birthdays are the best days to celebrate life, graced with good food and music and the company of our loved ones. The little ones always look up to older siblings and parents for birthday surprises! Express love and best wishes with lip-smacking and enticing kids’ birthday cakes. Online bakery stores provide a hassle-free shopping experience to avail yourself of cake delivery in Chennai from the comfort of your home. Read on as we share cake and treat ideas for a cherishable kids’ birthday party.


The birthday cake wishing and feeding hour is the most awaited moment. Make this moment cherishable with a heart-melting cake surprise for the birthday girl or boy. With a wide selection of cake flavours and designs, there will always be a cake for all celebrations! Here are some of the most popular kids birthday cakes.

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Fruit cakes

Keep the party sensation on top of the world with a refreshing fruit cake bite! And there are many fruit cake varieties to splash the birthday celebrations. You can have the cake decorated with fresh chopped and diced fruits like bananas, oranges, apples, berries, and crunchy nuts.

Number or alphabet cake

The birthday girl/boy is the star of the day! Express love and best wishes to them with a significant number (age) or alphabet (initial). Number and alphabet cakes are a fantastic addition to the birthday party photo collection.

Photo roll cake

Taking pictures at celebrations is a norm, like having a cake! Make lasting impressions on the birthday girl or boy with a heart-melting photo roll cake. You can have the cake decorated with a poster (made with edible cake ingredients) and a photo roll with multiple pictures.

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Rainbow cake

Kids love bright colours, and rainbows have the most striking! Steal the hearts of your little ones on upcoming womb escape celebrations with a creamy rainbow cake. You can have the rainbow theme incorporated into the cake layers too!

Pinata cakes

Looking for a cake surprise with a surprise? Pinata cakes are some of the best and trending solutions! There are many pinata cake designs you can choose from—the most popular cakes from heart-shaped, circular, half-circle, and hidden cakes. So, choose the birthday girl/boy’s favourite cake flavours, designs, and colours.

Jungle themed cake

Jungle themed cakes have a flair for winning every kid’s heart. Spruce up your little one’s womb escape celebrations with a mesmerising jungle theme cake. Take the surprise a step further by decorating the venue with green & bright colours. Decorative items to include are indoor plants and LED lights.

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Half cakes

Are you planning to throw a small party gathering for your little one? Then half cakes are the perfect pick! Take advantage of the empty space to spruce up the surprise. You can also decorate the empty space! Pick the birthday girl or boy’s favourite items, from sweet treats to toys.

Designer cakes

Planning for a smashing womb escape celebration for your budding fashionista? Then designer cakes are the perfect pick to express happiness and inspire them to pursue their dreams. Let your little ones know that you will always be there for them with a cake that reverberates their passions and dreams. Designer cake options range from cartoon cakes, Barbie cakes, and makeup cakes to gym cakes.

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Have the cake part all sorted out! Now spruce up the party aura with heart-melting treats for everyone. There is always something to appreciate, from treats to vibrant decorations.

Here are some goodies to include on your little one’s womb escape day!

  • Cookies,
  • Desserts – cupcakes, pastries, jar cakes, brownies, dry cakes,
  • Party props  – flowers
  • – chocolates
  • – balloons and posters,
  • – soft toys and games, etc.

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