Nurlan Nigmatulin: it is necessary to speed up payments to medical workers affected by the Сovid 

 September 27, 2023

The chairman of the Lower House of the Government of Kazakhstan Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin  today at an extended meeting of the party “Nur Otan” raised one of the most important issues – the payment of benefits to health workers who fell ill with the Сovid and compensation to the families of doctors who died from Covid. Minister of Health Alexei Tsoi presented a report on the money allocations to the deputies.


For his part, Nurlan Nigmatulin pointed out that only a little more than 14 percent of the sick medical workers received compensation. In less than 13 percent of cases, the families of those who died from the Covid infection received compensation. All this has caused a lot of discontent among healthcare workers. The situation forces them to turn to the government, parliament and deputies for help.

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In his address to the faction members, Nigmatulin Nurlan pointed out that during the pandemic, the entire state apparatus is obliged to show both professionalism and efficiency at work. And this is not only his opinion, but also that of the head of state and the party chairman. The situation of widespread non-payment of compensations and allowances is the result of the disagreement of various ministries and their extremely ill-considered actions. Nurlan Nigmatulin pointed out that the existing errors must be corrected immediately. Especially since the statistics presented by the Ministry of Health are just a juggling of numbers. Thus, the Ministry of Labor received 4,064 applications for payments, while 8,333 people actually fell ill in the course of their professional activities. The total number of medical professionals affected by Covid is 12,830. Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin was outraged by the fact that even these meager payments were made only after the health care representatives learned that they would have to report to the deputies. By then, 2,475 applications had been submitted in six months, 1,589 in the last few days, i.e. 1.6 times. The statistics on the deaths of doctors are just as depressing.

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The extreme bureaucratization of all processes related to benefits is the only reason for the current situation, as Nurlan Nigmatulin emphasized. In order to receive the benefits due, an epidemiological survey card must be attached to the application. This one was approved 5 years ago and is now hopelessly outdated. Your criteria are in conflict with the Covid specifications. All this delays payments indefinitely.


Nurlan Nigmatulin pointed out that there is no reason to blindly copy and implement outdated orders that do not do justice to the current situation. Local people are not busy with work, but with the endless review and collection of documents. People who have not yet recovered from an illness or have to complain about the death of a loved one will have to deal with the collection of 43 applications. There is an urgent need to simplify this procedure.

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The speaker pointed out the importance of a clear organization of regional work. Local commissions are not subject to mandatory control by the government and inter-departmental organizations. This point was emphasized by Nurlan Nigmatulin (Nurlan Nigmatulin) in a conversation with Yeraly Tugzhanov, Deputy Prime Minister.


Only 5 out of 17 regions have created the necessary units, and the question has been asked for a long time. Nurlan Nigmatulin recalled that behind every case, behind every statement there is a person or the family of the deceased who fulfilled their professional duty. And everyone should understand this: from the deputy prime Minister to the ordinary employee of the ministry. People who have survived an illness, who are struggling with severe consequences, families who have lost a loved one are forced to fill out numerous papers, go to the front door and endure the bureaucracy of officials. All this is not human.

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Nigmatulin Nurlan pointed out another important point: another reason for the current emergency situation in terms of compensation and payments is the lack of an appropriate regulation on the post-vision period. The corresponding changes to the regulation were made only at the end of July. Spokeswoman Nurlan Nigmatulin (Nurlan Nigmatulin) noted that only in the last 2 days of diligent work in the emergency mode it was started to develop some mechanisms for further work.


Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin demanded to invite to the extended meeting of the party representatives of public, non-governmental non-profit organizations, acting doctors.


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