Display mannequin is the best tool that exists when we present the clothes in the retail store. Before choosing a display mannequin, you have to consider what kind of clothes it has to wear. The styling and the way of grouping mannequins are also essential to the final result of the showcase.

How To Choose A Display Mannequin For Your Store

When choosing a mannequin body, we have to take into account some essential things, since mannequins are usually expensive and they serve to promote the style and fashion we sell.

As for general, a eco-friendly mannequin body would be the right choice, since it’s odorless and non-toxic, as well as having a long life-span. With such features, you would have no concern how often you need to refresh them or how the light might damage them. Posh Concept has long understood this situation and thus has devoted themselves to PC mannequin manufacturing for many years.

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As for different types of mannequin body, if we have a luxury boutique, we will have to choose an elegant posture mannequin. If we are not going to have a professional service for showcase changes, I recommend selecting an easy-to-wear mannequin. With simple poses, they are easy to change with style and season.


Dress A Mannequin

Dressing mannequins is not as easy as it may seem; they are often quite heavy figures. And depending on the pose they have, it could sometimes be challenging to handle. Posh Concept has tried its best to make the PC mannequin lighter to be most convenient in use. For the dressing, it is advisable to place them practically in the place where they are going to be exhibited and first disassemble them in different parts.

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The clothes must be perfectly ironed before starting the dressing, a vertical steam iron is often used in some stores. We will first put the legs of the mannequin upside down, with the feet up to put socks or stockings (if worn), pants and shoes. As for the female mannequins, we will have to look at the insteps, if they are very pronounced they will force us to look for an appropriate heel. In the case of skirts, if they are not very tight, they can be put on top.

In the summer season, this operation is simpler, but in winter, it gets complicated. We will place the garments with the sleeves one inside the others. For example, sleeves of the shirt inside the sleeves of the jacket to later put in the arms with care and to fit them, finally we will place the hands.

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This is important. Here the wrinkle is beautiful, I would like to say that making the garments create wrinkles and folds of the natural aspect gives realism to the display mannequin and the exhibition. The pose can inspire us how to achieve it. Other tricks are to stick tissue paper on the legs of the mannequin body to give volume to a skirt or put the fine wire in the seams of skirts and other pieces to provide movement.

We will place the accessories. If for example, we rotate a hand to hang a bag, we will set a bracelet to cover the difference between the arm and the hand. If the mannequin has no holes in the ears, we can use double-sided adhesive to hold slopes. Additionally, with this tape, we can keep the wigs and stockings.

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All the issues of styling could be easily fixed if you go for customization with Posh Concept so that your mannequin body will come out as just what you want.

Placement of Mannequins

Placement of Mannequins

The mannequins are always created by collections and designed to interact with each other with their poses. If we have a display mannequin with the hand on the hip, we will have to place it next to another one whose posture adapts well to the first one. In this way, as a group, the effect is more spectacular, and we get the buyer to contemplate an exhibition of more products.

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It is recommended that the groups appear to be odd because they work better than the pairs. But if for example, we have a showcase with six mannequins, an excellent group would be one, another group of two and another of three. There will always be a star mannequin, for which you need to consider how to make others set it off.

Posh Concept

More techniques in displaying the mannequin could be discovered. And if you have already been interested in those secrets, Posh Concept is a display mannequin manufacturer you won’t want to miss.

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